Are the sizes of the Novelty Items equal to the D.O.T. Helmets?

The sizes should be similar, but please keep in mind that everyone's head is shaped differently.


Do the Helmets come with D-Rings or Quick Releases?

The D.O.T. Helmets come with D-Rings. The Novelty Iems come with our custom made Quick Releases.


Are the Helmets made of fiberglass or plastic?

Most of the D.O.T. Helmets and Novelty Items are made of polycarbonate plastic with the exception of a few models and sizes. The Carbon Fiber models are made of Carbon Fiber which is a composite material. The Chrome is made of a polycarbonate plastic shell triple coated with metal.


What kind of straps come on the D.O.T. Helmets?

Tubular nylon, heat shrunk for strength.


Do the visors come with the helmets?

Visors come with the D.O.T. helmets shown with a visor but all visors for novelty items are sold separately.